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The schedule.

Posted in life, work on 30 July, 2008 by Katie Carroll

I have been working like crazy lately. I feel like all I do is work–which is I guess a preview for the rest of my life, but this time I’m working three jobs. Hopefully in the future I’ll manage to make it work with just one….and preferably not one in retail. I think I have a difficult time being pleasant for such a long time. On one hand, work gives me the confidence to step out of myself and be more outgoing for the sake of making sales; on the other hand, it shows me just how much of an introvert I usually am.

I would love to be one of those people who could just talk to anyone, but I’m not. I’m proud of my progress at work, because I do a good job and get along quite well with everyone….but it took me a while. Some of the other girls sort of formed a clique right from the off, and I felt like the odd one out–but it really did even out in the end. And I feel like eventually I’ll make more of a lasting impression than some of these other girls, because I make up for my quietness with sincerity. Not to mention I’m a hit with middle-aged women. 😉

Did I mention I’m working three jobs right now? I’m at Anthropologie, obviously, and I’ve also returned to my old coffee shop company (but a different store). And now I also work for an internet social networking company, in which I build Facebook pages for small businesses. I’m also possibly going to start writing blog posts for some of these businesses, and may be doing freelance blog maintenance for another company. While I like some of this work, I’m being driven slightly insane by surrounding circumstances.


The job.

Posted in fashion, work on 5 July, 2008 by Katie Carroll

My favorite outfit from Anthropologie\'s new catalogue.

So I work at Anthropologie. In case you haven’t heard of it, it’s a great store that sells clothes, home wares, and accessories that combine classical and whimsical designs and elements. I wanted this job so badly–and I was on pins and needles every time I went in the store because I wanted to really look the part. Everyone in there is very stylish and put-together, with perfect hair and perfect make-up and all that. And while I’m not usually that polished, I really do love clothes.

Well, I got the job, and I’m working on the rest of it. I had a hard time starting, because I felt like I didn’t really fit in with the girls my age; I mean, I love fashion, but it’s not my life. I’m not a fashion journalism major, like one of the girls (although honestly that sounds really fun); I’m not a retail sales person extraordinaire; I don’t own a pair of Level 99 jeans; and my career path probably involves stuffy suits in hues ranging from slate to charcoal. But things are improving steadily, and I actually feel like I fit there now. Plus, it always smells really good in there.